Welcome to Pippa AI!

Hi! I’m Pippa, the stylish and fun-loving pup with an eye for creating adorable art. With my camera in paw and an artistic touch, whether your fury friend is a diva or a daredevil, I’ve got the skills to turn them into a total superstar! Starting at $3.99 per pet!

Let’s turn those precious moments into unforgettable memories!

Here’s the deal:

  1. Send me a few pics of your furry BFF.
  2. I’ll put my creativity to work and craft a collection of adorable art pieces.
  3. In less than an hour, you’ll have a link to all the fantastic artwork featuring your beloved pup!




Capitol Nights


Coloring Book




Graphic Novel


Pen & Ink




How to Guide

Get the best results for your pet!

What do I need for Pippa to help generate my dog?

Find at least 10-20 diverse images of your dog!

Think different environments, different views, different expressions.

Try to include a couple close headshots of your dog too!

Don't include pictures such as these!

Don’t submit pictures of humans hugging your dog, or humans positioned very close to your dog!

Another dog in the frame, Pippa cannot decipher different dogs so results might be not what you expected!

Blurry or bad lighting. Use common sense! If you think it's not a good photo of your dog, don't include it!

How to Get Images from Phone

Create an album of your dog on your Photos application, this will make it easier than scrolling for photos!

Try to find pictures of your dog as the main focus, any other subjects might get bad results!

Use the iOS search function and search dog.

Problems? Contact Us!

If something isn't clear contact us on or or email us at support@pippa-ai.com

GOOD pictures to upload

BAD pictures to upload!